11 Beautiful Places In Bangladesh You Must Visit in 2022


Bangladesh is the most beautiful country in Asia. There have so many beautiful places in Bangladesh. If you travel to Bangladesh, you will not find this kind of natural beauty anywhere else in the world. Surrounded by greenery natural, rivers, and bells. There are many high hills here. 

Which is surrounded by green trees. The murmur of the fountain coming down from all these mountains will stir your mind. This kind of environment will remove all the fatigue of your body. There are different types of places in Bangladesh. because the Bay of Bengal is located in the south of the country. There are thousands of years old architecture in different parts of the country which is reminiscent of the ancient culture. On the other side, there are mountains.

A combination of all these has created a wonderful Bangladesh. If you want to have peace in your busy time you will spend your vacation in Bangladesh. As a result, we will present some beautiful places of Bangladesh here. So that your journey is enjoyable.

Beautiful Places In Bangladesh – Perfect Getaway For Travel Lovers 2022

  1. Sundarbans Mangrove Forest
  2. Chittagong Hill-Tract
  3. Srimangal
  4. Rangamati
  5. Paharpur
  6. St. Martin’s Island
  7. Sylhet
  8. Mosque City of Bagerhat
  9. Coxe’s Bazar
  10. Panam Nagar
  11. Bandarban

Cultural diversity in Bangladesh

peoples ask: what is the culture of Bangladesh? Is Bangladesh safe for females? Is Gulshan safe? Is Dhaka safe at night?

Best travel place in Bangladesh

Because in the meantime a huge number of travelers are interested to travel in Bangladesh. I think when you travel to any country you should know about the culture of that’s country, And is that place safe for your travels? In its continuation, we are helping you with the culture and security of Bangladesh. ‍After all, we can tell you that you can travel to beautiful places in Bangladesh without fear.

Folk songs of Bangladesh

Folk songs are songs sung in the traditional style of a community of Bangladesh or any country. Anymore the traditional style includes the themes, words, and melodies of the songs that have been for a long time among the people.

Bangladesh has affluent history and collection of folk songs. Best Of them: Jari, Sari, Palligiti, Bhatiali, Lalongiti, Bhawaiya, Gambhira, Palagan, etc. On the other hand, Hasson Raja is veritably popular, the traditional Musical instruments are generally played with these songs.

Nakshi Katha

Nakshi Katha is a kind of attractive design quilt. The name was taken from the Bangla word Raksha which is a men’s cultural pattern. The name ‘Nakshi Kantha’ came popular in Bangladeshi society after the minstrel Jasim Uddin’s lyric ‘Nakshi Kanthar Math’ was published in 1929. It’s a kind of Bengali traditional skill and is said to be indigenous to Bangladesh and West Bengal in India. The art has been rehearsed in pastoral Bengal for four centuries.

Traditional katas are made for family use. Old or cloth and thread are used to make these bedspreads Rajshahi, Faridpur, Mymensingh, Jamalpur, Jashore and  Bogura are most famous for this craft, now it’s produced commercially in these places. You can find them in numerous precious handcraft shops in metropolises. The bedspreads are now in great demand because of the various patterns and designs exaggerated on them.

 Ethnic groups in Bangladesh

The ethnical people in Bangladesh hold a veritably important place in the culture of the country. The maturity of these people lives in the Chattogram Hill Tracts. The others live in the regions of Mymensingh, Rajshahi, and Sylhet, They live in timber areas, in the hills, and in pastoral areas. They do Jhum civilization. For this work, they clear a piece of land in the timber, prepare it, and show seeds in it.

Bangladesh travel place

They’re substantially farmers. By religion, they’re Hindus, Christians, or Buddhists. They speak their own mama speeches. Some of them are The Marmans, the Chakmas, the Tipperas, and Moorings, who live in the Hill Tracts. The Santals live in Rajshahi. The Khasias and the Monipuries, live in Sylhet, and the Hajanjs and the Garos in Mymensingh.

 Utmost of these ethnical people living in Bangladesh have some common characteristics. They’ve their own cultures. you will see these ethnical groups when you visit the most beautiful places in Bangladesh.

 They make their houses on bamboo or rustic platforms called ‘Machang’. Rice is their staple food. They eat vegetables, sludge, fish, poultry, and meat. Their kitchen implements are bamboo, rustic and earthen pots which they make themselves. Men wear lungis and women wear Thamis or sarongs and angis. Women weave their own clothes.

Hunting and fishing are their favorite pastimes. They’re fond of songs, music, balls, theater, and expositions. Traditional musical instruments similar to bugles are made from buffalo cornucopias, cans, and bamboo flutes. Wrestling is an exoteric sport for them.

Bangladeshi cookery

 Bangladeshi cookery is rice and varied with the use of numerous spices. We’ve succulent and mouthwatering food, snacks, and sweets. Boiled rice is the staple food of Bangladeshis people. It’s served with a variety of vegetables, curry, lentil mists, fish, and meat. Fish is the main source of protein. Fishes are now cultivated in ponds. Also, we’ve fresh-water fishes in the lakes and gutters. Further than 40 types of fish are common. Some of them are complaint, Rui, Katla, magur (catfish), chingri (prawn or shrimp). Shutki or dried fishes are popular among the further people of Bangladesh. Hilslha is veritably popular among the people of Bangladesh.

 Panta Ilish is a traditional food of Bangladeshi rural areas peoples. Really, It’s fumed rice soaked all night in water,  and served with a fried Hilsha slice, frequently together with dried fish, lentil haze, green chilies, pickles, and onion. It’s a popular dish in the Pohela Boishakh.

When you will go to beautiful places in Bangladesh must you will see, The people of Bangladesh are love veritably sweets, nearly all Bangladeshi women prepare some traditional sweets. Pitha, a type of sweet made from rice flour, sugar, saccharinity, Molasses, and occasionally milk is a traditional food loved by the entire population. During downtime, Pitha Utsab, meaning Pitha jubilee, is organized by different groups of people.

 Sweets are distributed among close cousins when there’s good news like births, marriages, elevations, etc.

Sweets of Bangladesh are substantially milk-grounded. The common bones are Roshgolla, Sandesh, ras malai, gulp Jamun, Kalo Jamun, and Chom-Chom. There are hundreds of different kinds of sweet medications. Thus and hundreds of different kinds of sweets are made in Bangladesh. Even sweets are an important part of the day-to-day life of Bangladeshi people. Swash wanderers in Bangladesh.

River wanderers in Bangladesh

Hey, with fun I sharing with you that the rivers of Bangladesh are a popular place for travel from beautiful places in Bangladesh. but that is a big problem for some people. River wanderers are an ethnical group of people in Bangladesh. They’re known as Bedey to original people. The wanderers have their own life and culture. They live in groups and don’t enjoy any land. Thus, they live a vagrant life, traveling from one place to another.

Rivers of Bangladesh

These people bat across our swash and waters from May to December in small country boats. These boats are their houses and these people are a part of our water, numerous water bodies dry up. At that time they return to the landmass and live in make-shift tarpaulin canopies on open swash banks. You can see their men relaxing in the canopies. Toddlers play with tykes or other faves in the dust. Women frequently goof downtime by hair doing, picking off lice in twos or threes sitting in a row.

 Throughout the thunderstorm, they remain busy fishing. They also dive into natural plums in the water. Occasionally, the chamber for a couple of weeks. Men catch snakes and entertain people with snake fascinating and vend herbal cures. Women go from door to door to vend lavalieres, cosmetics, and other things. They also try to heal the pains of old people frequently by stinking out blood from their bodies.

 Numerous townies believe in the magical power of the wanderers. They can make an evil spirit leave someone’s body by magic or special power.

River wanderers in Bangladesh are having chromatic problems. First, Bangladesh is getting urbanized veritably fleetly. Vagabond people are losing their clients in the civic population. Hence, their income is threatened. Secondly, kilometers of former aqueducts have shrunk into only kilometers in the country dry.

Scientists think that Bangladesh will be the worst affected by global climate change.  The changeable rain and drying out of gutters have made boat movement heavily confined. Thirdly, numerous swash wanderers are changing their lives in the environment of changed reality. They’re thinking of living permanently inland. The authority feels that swash wanderers need help to survive in the mainstream population. Thus, the government is offering voting rights, endless casing, and bank-loan installations. Still, changes don’t come overnight.

 Traditionally, swash wanderers are used to water-soak life. They’ve inherited from their father’s necessary life chops to survive in waters. They’ve no education and training to acclimatize to mainstream ultramodern society. So the authority feels the need to bring them under a ceremonial education network. But they’ve no endless living place. Vagabond children are born and brought up on roving boats.

Thus, they can’t go to convention seminaries. And hence, mobile boat- seminaries are coming up for vagabond children. Some voluntary associations are running special academies on boats to educate swash vagabond children in some areas.

Bangladesh is safe for your travels

The number of tourists in Bangladesh is constantly increasing. For this reason, the Government of Bangladesh attaches great importance to the tourism sector, which in the meantime is strengthening security for foreign tourists.

Yet as a tourist you should always be careful. But in all other tourist areas including Dhaka-Gulshan, you can spend the night without fear.

We always wish you a safe journey. ‍always keep your essentials with you for safe travel. You can buy a good quality duffel bag to carry all your necessities. Also, keep a waterproof beach bag with you when you travel to the beach in Bangladesh.


  • What’s the folk song and most popular folk song?

A song that is traditionally sung in a country is called a folk song. So it can be said that folk song is a traditional style of a community of Bangladesh or any country.

  • Do you know where the ethnical people live in Bangladesh?

There are many tribes living all over the world. Its number is not less in Bangladesh. According to the Bureau of Statistics, there are 45 indigenous ethnic groups in Bangladesh. The total population of the small ethnic group is about 15 lakh 6 thousand; About one percent of the total population (1.11%). Most of the small ethnic groups in Bangladesh live in Mymensingh, Sylhet, and the Chittagong Hill Tracts and Rajshahi regions. The Chakmas are the maximum ethnic group in Bangladesh. There are also Santal, Manipuri, Garo, Tripura, etc.

  • Is Bangladesh good for tourists?

Undoubtedly, Bangladesh is one of the countries of the natural environment in South Asia. After all, this country has the longest beach in the world. After all, huge beautiful places in Bangladesh have to a visit to enjoy.

  • What has made Bangladeshi food so special?

Hey, you will be amazed to hear that Street food in Bangladesh is very famous. Which will multiply your appetite. You can also find thousands of sweets here. Surely this is a surprise for you! After all, fish and rice are the favorite food of Bangladeshis.

  • What is Bangladesh famous for?

Bangladesh is famous in the world for various reasons. In particular, Bangladesh has a thousand years of history and tradition. And Bangladesh is called the land of green. Because it is surrounded by natural beauty.

  • Is Bangladesh a good place to visit?

The tourist attractions of Bangladesh include history and natural villages, monuments, picnic spots, beaches, forests, and tribal people, wildlife of various species. So undoubtedly we can tell that Bangladesh is a good place to visit.