Top 5 Best beach on Lefkada For A Hassle-free Vacation


Hey, are you finding a peaceful place to travel to? yeah, you can Find out everything about your holidays in Lefkada in our travel guide! Discover with us the best things to do in Lefkada, amazing beaches, top restaurants, and hotels.

Lefkada is one of the most beautiful Greek islands. it is located at the core of the Ionian sea. Lefkada is connected with the mainland by a small bridge. you can easily go by car and another way. It’s can be a dream destination for those who are into exotic islands.

We’re here to tell you what is the best beach on Lefkada. Vasiliki beach is the most popular, but there are lots of other great options depending on what you’re looking for. Agiofili beach is perfect for a relaxed day by the sea, while Pasa beach offers stunning views and crystal-clear water. So we are going to explain Best Beach on Lefkada in detail.

The Rundown

  1. Kathisma beach
  2. Agios Nikolaos beach
  3. Nidri Beach
  4. Agios Ioannis beach
  5. Agios Ioannis beach

Wonderful 5 Best Beach on Lefkada

01: Kathisma beach

The northwest side of Lefkada is specified by inconceivable blue ocean colors, amazing panoramic views, and hills with lush foliage. This is also the location of the wonderful Kathisma, one of the amazing beaches in Lefkada, which is well known for its exceptional facilities. Kathisma beach offers a long beach, well-organized areas, great sand bars, exotic water, and a sandy coastline. So, It is considered among the most wonderful beaches on the island. 

  • Kathisma sand access 

Kathisma sand is located 17 km southwest of Lefkada Town. In other words, It’s situated on a long and rich bank next to Agios Nikitas and you can be reached easily. you know the popular sightseeing resort on the west side of Lefkada, from here only 3 kilometers away Kathisma is positioned. If you want can be penetrated via asphalt road. The road conditions are very good but which are bends, and relatively narrow.

Top Beach on Lefkada

There you have no problems with car parking On the sand, there are a lot of free parking places next to the sand and some paid parking with some shade also.

The decor of the Kathisma sand is beautiful because the area consists of green pitches with lush Mediterranean foliage, olive groves, pine trees, and pictorial flowers of Lefkada. you can find exclusive coffee for your mental happiness, and you can spend your time with friendly staff in Giovanni’s Grill House Restaurant, Libre, Akrogiali, and some apartments for rent. so this place is one of the most advanced strands on the western side of the Lefkada islet.

  • Kathisma beach waves

every traveler who is traveling to beaches they are want to enjoy the amazing waves of sea beaches and blue water. Unfortunately, it can be an excellent place for this. sometimes significant waves are pushing at Kathisma sand from the west, and most of the tourists really enjoy this unique experience.

still, the ocean colors at Kathisma will be amazing, called the fantastic’ Lefkada blue’. But occasionally these waves can be dangerous also the lifeguard indicates a red flag palace, and there swimming is banned for the safety of tourists.

  • Paragliding over Kathisma sand

Paragliding is another experience and adventure in the trip. Kathisma sand is a veritably popular destination for paragliding in Lefkada. In the mountains of Kathisma, there are two different take-off places. The loftiest point for the paragliding take-off is located in Exanthia vill, more precisely Rachi tavern, which is also famous for its magical evenings.

The other place for take-off is a lower hill, slightly near to the sand. Flight times and prices for paragliding are also different Exanthia vill duration takes about 15 and from the lower hill flight time takes about 3- 4 twinkles and is cheaper. If you want to try paragliding over Kathisma The paragliding experience in Lefkada is fantastic, especially in nice sunny rainfall!

at last, we want to say: It is the best beach on Lefkada. so, Visit Kathisma sand and you’ll understand snappily, why is this magical place so popular among Lefkada strands!

02: Agios Nikolaos beach

Agios Nikolaos beach
Hotel of Agios Nikolaos beach

Paralia Agios Nikolaos Exceptional shallow ocean and turquoise water colors are the main features of Agios Nikolaos beach. Agios Ioannis beach is located just 2.5 kilometers south side of Lefkada Town. It is a completely organized area with great Island bars and some taverns behind the long seacoast, almost you can enjoy here. The ocean is shallow everywhere, so families can come here with their small children in the summer months. there is no danger for any kind of old people. 

On the northern side of the beach, there are some unused, old stone windmills, one of them, called Orloff. that is used as a beach bar. 

Agios Ioannis Beach is positioned veritably near Lefkada city, thus numerous locals and tourists choose this sand during summertime.  the feature of the beach: Windsurfing, Sandy, Family Friendly, and Well-Organized. ‍So travelers come then to enjoy the swim in the demitasse clear the Ionian Sea, and Cycling, bike or a car driving on the beach. 

03: Nidri Beach

Nydri beach is relatively long, occasionally narrow, with white sand, and covered with fine pebbles in small areas of the beach. The entrance to the water is smooth and comfortable, the bottom is flat, flaxen-pebble-like cox’s Bazar sea beach of Bangladesh.

Nydri beach Lefkada
Nydri beach hotel in Lefkada

There doesn’t need to bear special shoes for walking or swimming on the beach. Storms are rare then, so there has no problem. If you want to go with your family we will speak that Nydri is the perfect place for a holiday with kiddies.

Above the seacoast you will see, the prestigious Blue Flag signaling every tourist, which guarantees a comfortable stay in the environmentally friendly medium. The beach is decorated with toilets, showers, sunbeds, screens, changing cabins, ultra-modern hotels,s, and bars. Nydri beach offer: Pebbled, Well-Organized, Small Harbor, Watersports.

A huge number of water entertainments are offered on the Nydri beach, there are children’s playgrounds with inflatable slides and sports- grounds, and trampolines. you can do a  boat journey or a canoe, lift on banana, and tourists can rent a spurt ski, water tube, or water ski, as well as go drag-boarding or parasailing. All the necessary sports outfit is available at the rental points, the prices are virtually identical to other Greek resorts.

After all, we can tell that Nydri Best Beach on Lefkada. Any time you don’t go to one of the longest sea beaches Cox’s Bazar you should go here. Because that’s will you give more feeling like that? If you want to know about the longest beach you should read our article.

The top 5 Nidri beach hotels of Lefkada

01: Beachfront

Offers a swimming pool, family room, and a panoramic view of the sea. It is located 150 meters from the port in a central location and beachfront of Nydri Beach.

Best hotel in lefkada

02: Aristotelis Studios

Aristotelis Studios is Situated in Nydri in the Ionian Islands region, located 0.8 km from the center. Aristotelis Studios features accommodation with free WiFi, a swimming pool, a meeting room, and free private parking.

03: Villa Palmyra

Villa Palmyra is situated 0.6 km/400 m from the center of Nidri. If you want to go to the beach from this hotel, just walk for 6 min.

04: Glaros Apartments

Glaros Apartments is 0.5 km from the center of each nearby. you will reach the beach by walking for 5 min. Glaros Apartments features accommodation with sea views, a swimming pool, free private parking, and free WiFi.

05: Oasis Hotel

Oasis Hotel is located 2.1 km from center Beach nearby. the 2-star hotel offers an outdoor pool, wonderful view, free wi-fi, and rooms with balconies facing the sea or mountain.

04: Vassiliki beach

Vassiliki beach in Lefkada
Vassiliki beach in Lefkada

 Vassiliki is a beautiful fishing beach that is located 38 km southwest of Lefkada Town. who loves fishing under the water,  this beach is a favorite to him.

It lies around the beautiful bay, long pebbled sand famous for its perfect windsurfing, Diving Club, Windsurfing, Sandy, Family Friendly, Well-Organized and sailing conditions. Water sports installations and windsurfing clubs renting material are available on the sand. there have two sports clubs. they provide the accessories for all sports.

In the surrounding area of Vassiliki Lefkada, one will find a wide range of lodgment, taverns, shops, cafes boarding spots, and ultramodern bars. The Vassiliki also has some hotels offering installations for windsurfers and their material for enjoying your travel.

One of the most enjoyable things about traveling is preserving your memories. Now it is much easier to save memories. I took good pictures with my mobile, but I also use a monocular telescope to make the pictures more interesting and wonderful. If you want to save the memory of this trip, I would suggest you use a monocular telescope for your phone.

05: Agios Ioannis beach

Are you finding the best beach in Lefkada? Okay, Agios Ioannis will definitely amaze your eye. This beach is located 3.5 km west of Lefkada Town. Agios Ioannis is named after a small chapel standing above it. From this beach, looks out to the island of Delos. 

When you will drive your car on the road, especially from the south, you get a wonderful view of this fabulous beach that stretches on for about a kilometer.  I think this amazing scene will calm your heart.

Agios Ioannis beach is organized with beach bars and modern hotels, that provide umbrellas, sunbeds,  and of course music. Without that  Agios Ioannis beach, has all-time offers for tourists: Windsurfing, Sandy, Family Friendly, and Well-Organized.

How to get to Agios Ioannis beach?

First, you have to go to Mykonos Town. There’s a bus from Mykonos Town That is departing from Fabrika, it is stopping just a short walk from the beach. If you want to go By car, you’re there in 10 minutes. 

Take your essentials with you to make your journey comfortable. I suggest you carry a duffel bag to carry your cloth and others. Which will make your trip comfortable.

Agios ioannis beach hotels and resorts

Agios ioannis beach hotels and resorts
Agios ioannis beach hotels and resorts


Types: Hotel, Suites and it is a very Luxury hotel

Recommended for: Design, Luxury stay, Private pool

The luxurious hotel Katikies has a beautiful seacoast location in the area of Agios Ioannis. Organized with private pools, Luxury stays,s, and hot tubs, the suites of Katikies guarantee a memorable experience of accommodation, with all comforts and a variety of modern amenities.

Amazon Mykonos Resort and Spa

Types: Hotel and Villas. It is 4 stars hotel.

Recommended for: Luxury stay, Private pool

Amazon Resort and Spa offers luxury villas for comfortable enjoyable moments close to the beach and the Aegean Sea. located in Agios Ioannis, Amazon Resort and Spa provide tourists with panoramic views of other beautiful beaches and the sea. 

Grand Resort

Types: Hotel, Suites Family Rooms. It is a luxury hotel.

Recommended for: Family, Luxury stay, On the beach

Mykonos Grand Hotel and Resort is a luxurious hotel with a peaceful and romantic environment, located on the beach of Agios Ioannis. The hotel offers a pool, a spa center, tennis, two bars, two restaurants, a gym, squash courts, and yoga and pilates sessions. 

Diana Villa

Types: Villas and it is 4 keys

Recommended for: Family, Private pool, Luxury stay, 

 Diana Villa is situated on Agios Ioannis beach. It is a traditionally designed villa on the side of the beach in Agios Ioannis. It has been equipped with such as a private swimming pool, lavish amenities,  and a fireplace.

Fos Suites

Types: Apartments Suites. It is 3 keys. 

Recommended for: Family rooms, magnificent views, well-equipped. Fos Suites have a modern design and are located in the wonderful area of Agios Ioannis beach.


There are so many amazing beaches on Lefkada, and it can be hard to choose which one to go to. However, with these five beaches in mind, you’ll have a much easier time picking the perfect spot for your vacation. so from here, you can choose the best beach on Lefkada.