The Best Electric Toothbrushes For International Travel- Revealing the Top of 2023

To maintain healthy oral hygiene, we all need to brush twice a day. Brushing our teeth properly helps us to fight against oral diseases like decay and many gum diseases. So, if you find an automated helpful hand who will simply brush your teeth within two minutes that’s a better plus point. That’s an electric toothbrush. Here we will talk about some of the best portable electric toothbrushes.

Reviewing thousands of toothbrushes and checking their reviews, we picked up the top 10 electric toothbrushes which can be your daily helpful hand and make your teeth healthy and breathe fresh. Let’s see what products we have here to keep our oral hygiene. Plus, we will also share a buying guide for how you can buy an electric toothbrush and some answers to other common questions. Let’s begin the journey!

The Rundown

Best Overall: ROMENIC T10X Electric Toothbrush

The electric toothbrush has all the fantastic features including a pressure sensor, timer, and different cleaning methods.

Best Stylish: SOOCAS Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Look at the sleek and silky pink-colored electric toothbrush. It’s available in two colors too. Plus, filled with all the amazing features.

Best Drugstore: Hum by Colgate Smart Electric Toothbrush Kit

Colgate is the drugstore for oral health and hygiene. So, keep your faith in this outstanding product.

Best for Sensitive Teeth: Philips Sonicare Optimal Plaque Control Toothbrush

If you have sensitive teeth or are recovering from any teeth surgery, then this one must be the best option for you.

Best for Water-Flosser: Waterpik Sonic Electric Toothbrush 

With water, flosser use this electric toothbrush. But, don’t forget to use a traditional flosser.

Best for Preventing Plaque Build-up: Oral-B Pro 3000 3D Electric Toothbrush

This brush vibrates and does heavy strokes per minute, so it removes all the tartars and plaques from teeth.

Best for Beginners: Oral-B Pro 1000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush

For beginner users, this electric toothbrush is the best option. It has three different modes to adjust the intensity.

Best Bristles: Philips Sonicare 5100 ProtectiveClean Electric Toothbrush

This one has the softest bristle to rub on your teeth in a gentle manner. It prevents the damage of enamels in the teeth.

Best for Easy Usage: Oral-B Pro 3000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

For easy usage, better charging system, and travel kit this one is perfect. It can satisfy the user by improving their oral health.

Best Budget Electric Toothbrush: Philips Sonicare 6500 ProtectiveClean

Don’t make your wallet upset by choosing any expensive electric toothbrush. This one has most of the outstanding features at an affordable price.

The Best Electric Toothbrushes For International Travel in 2023


  1. Best Bristles: Philips Sonicare 5100 ProtectiveClean Electric Toothbrush

Key Features

  • ✔ Modes: It has 3 different customizable modes. White mode is for removing stains from the teeth’ surface. Clean mode is for squeaky clean and lastly Gum care mode to add an extra minute and reduce the power of the brush to massage on gums for healthy gum life.
  • ✔ Sensor: The toothbrush is infused with a pressure sensor that protects our teeth from brushing hard by sending an alert.
  • ✔ Replacement Reminder: The brush will automatically remind you when to replace the brush head as it’s compulsory to change the head within 3 months.
  • ✔ Voltage: Knowing and controlling the voltage is necessary. The maximum voltage of this toothbrush is 110-220V.
  • ✔ Batteries: Philips included the battery with charger plug with the brush. 1 Lithium-ion battery is required to control the brush.



Starting our product list with the most affordable and best quality product from Philips Sonicare Protectiveclean. It has a two-minute timer, rechargeable batteries, and also a pressure sensor. Not only these, some electric toothbrushes make a very annoying sound, but this toothbrush makes less sound and brushes your teeth properly.

This China-originated ProtectiveClean electric toothbrush has all the demanding features which customers want in a good quality electric toothbrush. It has high-quality bristles which gently brush away the plaque and improves the gum as well as teeth health. The brush reaches those areas where our naked eyes can’t be reached.


  • ✔ Customizable 3 different modes.
  • ✔ Smartimer included with a pressure sensor.
  • ✔ Gently cleans teeth and massages gums.


  • ✘ Need to charge time-to-time.

  1. Best Budget: Philips Sonicare 6500 ProtectiveClean Toothbrush

Key Features

  • ✔ Sensor: The pressure sensor of this brush helps to detect the area you are brushing and sends an alert if your brush is harder than necessary.
  • ✔ Modes: 3 different customizable modes with 3 different heads. Clean mode for superior deep cleaning, Gum care for gently massaging on gums, and white mode is for removing plaque and stains from teeth.
  • ✔ Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery is necessary which is already included in the package. If that runs out, you can order a new battery.
  • ✔ Accessories: In the brush package you will get, a charger plug, travel case, extra brush heads, and battery.
  • ✔ Replacement Reminder: When it’s time to replace your brush head, your brush head will automatically send the alert.



Originating from Indonesia, this electric toothbrush claims to improve gum and teeth health by preventing cavities and other oral diseases. Just like Philips Sonicare 5100, it also offers 3 modes of cleaning methods. It comes with a travel case. Plus, the 3 cleaning methods, it has 3 different brush heads.

This black sleek toothbrush automatically detects the area where you brush and the pressure sensor works on the right pressure setting. It’s solid and has gentle bristles and an all-rounder brush. It’s like a complete hygiene kit in a single brush. I highly recommend to you this product as the best electric toothbrush with a travel case!


  • ✔ The best travel electric toothbrush with the travel case.
  • ✔ Improves gum and teeth health by removing plaque.
  • ✔ The battery lasts longer than two weeks in one charge.


  • ✘ May make a bit of noise.

  1. Best Overall: ROMENIC T10X Electric Toothbrush

Key Features

  • ✔ Modes: ROMENIC electric toothbrush has 5 different modes to customize your brushing. Those wise modes are- Clean, White, Gum Care, Polish and Sensitive.
  • ✔ 2- minutes Time Master: The two minutes with 30s Quadpacer helps to notify every 30 seconds when to switch the brush position to make your teeth squeaky clean.
  • ✔ Charger: The magnetic and compact charging system helps to charge easily. In addition, at the bottom, the yellow light will be lit when it’s time to charge.
  • ✔ Vibration: With 48,000 vibrations per minute the brush helps to remove 10x more plaque than normal electric toothbrushes. It also alerts the user by vibrating the handle.
  • ✔ Accessories: In the package, you’ll see one toothbrush, with an extra head, a USB wall adapter, a USB charging port, and a travel case.



This olive greenish electric toothbrush from the ROMANTIC is one of the smartest toothbrushes on our list. This battery-powered toothbrush is one of the most important oral caring products that can help you in any necessary way. Unlike Philips Sonicare 6500, this one has 5 different modes to customize. Impressive, right?

The customizable system of changing the intensity level of the brush with the highest quality features is outstanding. The brush’s speed is 96,000 movements within a minute. The powerful motor with the 2-minute time master helps to understand the brushing system. It is one of the best travel electric toothbrushes and USB rechargeables!


  • ✔ Comes with a travel case so, easy to carry around.
  • ✔ Removes plaque with vibration.
  • ✔ Super lightweight to hold and carry.


  • ✘ Not for under 3 years old.

  1. Hum by Colgate Smart Electric Toothbrush Kit

Key Features

  • ✔ Modes: It has 3 different wise modes for regular cleaning. Those are- normal, sensitive, and deep clean. The vibration will change in each setting.
  • ✔ Bluetooth connectivity: Smartly connected with an app on your phone on which you can detect your improvement. Plus, it can detect the remote place in your mouth where you need extra care.
  • ✔ Sonic Toothbrush: The sonic brush helps to rotate the head in your mouth for better brushing access.
  • ✔ 2-minute Timer: 2-minutes master time helps to remind you to stick your brush out after a certain minute.
  • ✔ Accessories: 1 toothbrush with 1 extra head, handle, 1 charger, 1 carrying case is included in the package.



When we are talking about oral hygiene, who doesn’t know about Colgate? Yes, our present product is made by Colgate. This stylish brush will ensure to make your smile squeaky clean. The ergonomic handle, powerful sensors, and smart features will impress you.

This brush has a Bluetooth connectivity system with your phone app to update you on your improvement and some rewards. These sonic electric toothbrushes track the frequency, duration, and coverage to target your brushing style. Just like the previous one, the hum toothbrush has all the best necessary features. Plus, one brush head will be cleaned for up to 6 months straight. This is the best portable electric toothbrush that I recommended to you!


  • ✔ Can last a long 10 days with one charge.
  • ✔ Automatic reminder when the brush head needed to replace.
  • ✔ One of the best travel electric toothbrushes.


  • ✘ Only for adults.

  1. Best Waterproof: SOOCAS Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Key Features

  • ✔ Modes: The brush has 3 cleaning modes. Soft mode for gum massage or those who have sensitive teeth. Standard mode for daily cleaning with a high-frequency vibration to remove plaque. Lastly, pulse for deep cleaning your teeth and remove stains like coffee or smoking.
  • ✔ Sonic Brush: The stable sonic brush swings the bristle into 18.5° for deep cleaning and pearl whitening teeth.
  • ✔ Vibration: It can produce 42,000 vibrations per minute to remove any plaque from your teeth with a high powerful frequency.
  • ✔ Reminder: After 2 minutes it will automatically remind you by vibrating that you need to change the brush position.
  • ✔ Battery Life: With time 4-hours of charging the battery can last for 60+ days. Long-lasting battery life with excellent service.



This elegant and beautiful-looking sonic toothbrush is another hi-tech entry in our list. This one has a smart timer, powerful vibration, and many more fantastic features. This pink brush ensures to removal of any tooth stain within 28 days with its 3 different modes.

This magnetic toothbrush produces 42,000 vibrations per minute which help to deep clean inside the unreachable areas of your mouth. Not only that, unlike hum by Colgate Smart Electric Toothbrush, it has a tongue-coating brush that can remove bad breath effectively. This is the best waterproof electric toothbrush on the market!


  • ✔ Available in two beautiful colors- Pink and Blue.
  • ✔ Extra brush head is included for replacement.
  • ✔ Safe to keep in the bathroom and waterproof.


  • ✘ Not for younger children.

  1. Oral-B Pro 1000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush

Key Features

  • ✔ Sensor: The powerful pressure sensor of this brush pulsates when you brush too harder than necessary.
  • ✔ Mode: It has only one mode. Daily clean which oscillates and rotates in each curve and corner of each tooth. Plus, with vibration, it removes 300% more plaque than a normal brush.
  • ✔ Bristles: This brush has soft bristles with a 16° angled and 3D cleaning process that can rotate 44,000 per minute.
  • ✔ Timer: It has a two-minute timer to alert you every 30 seconds to move your brush in different positions.
  • ✔ Accessories: In one package you will get 1 an Oral-B handle, 1 Brush head, and 1 charger.



Invite your white teeth and beautiful smile with the Oral-B Pro 1000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush. Oral-B is already a clinically proven toothbrush that can help to improve your teeth health along with your gum hygiene. This oscillated toothbrush has a small round head with angled bristles.

This rechargeable toothbrush can last 2 weeks with a single charge in daily 4- minutes brushing session. On the tooth surface, it rotates and vibrates in all areas to deep clean regularly. As harder bristles can damage the teeth’ enamels, so soft bristles are the best options for daily brushing.


  • ✔ Deep clean all areas in the teeth and whitens gradually.
  • ✔ Compatible with many other brush heads.
  • ✔ Softer bristles for daily brushing sessions.


  • ✘ Makes a very loud noise.

  1. Waterpik Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Key Features

  • ✔ Modes: The Waterpik Sonic Electric Toothbrush has 3 different modes. Clean, White, and massage mode. It removes stains from teeth 9x faster than a normal toothbrush.
  • ✔ Control System: 10 different water pressure settings for gentle and deep cleaning into the mouth. Push the start for water flow and turn the knob for adjusting the flow.
  • ✔ Reservoir Capacity: The capacity is 90+ seconds with the hinged reservoir lid. It doesn’t require refilling and holds 22 ounces.
  • ✔ Timer: The brush has a 2-minutes timer setting to alert you that your brush needs to change its position in your mouth. In addition, it gives 31,000 strokes per minute.
  • ✔ Accessories: 2 extra brush heads, a travel case, 5 water flosser tips, and a storage case is included.



If you find an electric toothbrush that is doubled up with a water-floss, then how it will be? This product from Waterpik includes water floss with an electric toothbrush at the same price as another electric toothbrush. The two-in-one model has the most powerful and fantastic devices.

The toothbrush has all the necessary features like the other electric toothbrush and the water floss helps to take extra care of your gum health. But, we would love to remind you that this water floss doesn’t take the place of normal floss. You still need to floss your teeth with traditional floss.


  • ✔ Very easy to use so, no hassle to handle.
  • ✔ Ultra-compact design doesn’t take much place.
  • ✔ Removes 99.99% plaque from teeth.


  • ✘ Not ideal for traveling.

  1. Philips SonicareDiamondClean Smart 9500 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Key Features

  • ✔ Modes: It has 5 different modes. Clean, WhitePlus, Gum care, Deep clean, and TongueCare. You can customize which mode you want to use.
  • ✔ Intensity level: 3 intensity levels from low to high as necessary. Low intensity is for massaging gum or brushing sensitive teeth. The normal level is for regular usage and the rest is for deep cleaning.
  • ✔ Pressure sensor: The brush sends an alert by vibrating if you press it too hard with your brush or brush hardly.
  • ✔ Timer: Two-minutes timer helps to force you to brush for 2 minutes whole with the soft bristles.
  • ✔ Accessories: Comes with a whole electric brush, 3 different brush heads, a travel case, 1 Lithium-ion battery, and the charger.



Welcome your healthier oral system with the Philips Sonicare Diamondclean Smart 9500 Toothbrush. This black-colored rechargeable toothbrush is 7x healthier than a normal manual brush. Not only that, the brush has a Connectivity app by which you can check your regular improvement.

With 3 different intensity levels and 5 modes of cleaning processes, this brush is one of the most wanted picks among electric toothbrush lovers. Brushing with the brush feels like a mouth massage which is pretty satisfying and comfortable. This is one of the best travel electric toothbrushes USB rechargeable in the market!


  • ✔ Improves gum health within 2 weeks.
  • ✔ Removes 10x more plaque and tartar than a normal brush.
  • ✔ The best travel electric toothbrush.


  • ✘ Not ideal for under 3 years old.

  1. Best for Rechargeable: Oral-B Pro 3000 3D Electric Toothbrush

Key Features

  • ✔ Modes: 3 different modes of cleaning. Daily clean, Gum care for massaging gum, and sensitive mode for gentle usage.
  • ✔ Timer: 2-minute timer alerts you every 30 minutes to change brush positions, so the whole mouth can be squeaky clean.
  • ✔ Pressure sensor: If you brush too hard or pressure on your teeth, the brush will vibrate to warn you.
  • ✔ Phone app: Connect the app with the brush Bluetooth for regular updates about your brushing and get advice for improving more.
  • ✔ Accessories: Comes with a Lithium-ion battery, charger plug, brush head, and brush handle.



Improve and track your daily brushing habit with the Oral-B Pro 3000 3D Electric Toothbrush. Compared with the previous one this oral health expert is one of the most advanced members of the Oral-B family. This smart one has a pressure sensor, Bluetooth connectivity, and 3 modes of cleaning.

The right-hand app provides you with the result of your brushing and gives you the advice to improve your habits. This innovative toothbrush has a handy travel case for easy carrying around. I recommended this product as one of the best travel electric toothbrushes and USB rechargeable!


  • ✔ Very easy to carry with the compact travel case.
  • ✔ Improves gum health and prevents oral disease.
  • ✔ Gives each feedback in the phone app and updates regularly.


  • ✘ Don’t let children under 3 years use it.

  1. Oral-B Pro 3000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Key Features

  • ✔ Mode: 3 modes to personalize your brushing session. Daily cleaning, Gum Care, and Sensitive.
  • ✔ Sensor: Has a pressure sensor to warn you if you brush unnecessarily hard on your gum and teeth.
  • ✔ Timer: 2-minute timer to alert you every 30 seconds to change the brush position.
  • ✔ Vibration: Per minute it produces 40,000 strokes to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth.
  • ✔ Replacement reminder: After 6 months the brush itself will give the reminder to change its head.



Last but not least product on our list is Oral-B Pro 3000 Portable Electric Toothbrush. This world-famous brush is suitable for both adults and kids. With soft bristles, the brush provides cleaner teeth by removing plaque and it’s clinically tested.

Just like Oral-B Pro 3000, this one also has 3 different modes and other features. This brush is compatible with many other toothbrush heads. It whitens your teeth gradually by removing plaque and stains.


  • ✔ Change the light to give a warning for giving extra pressure.
  • ✔ Have softer bristles to protect the enamels of teeth.
  • ✔ Full of fantastic features.


  • ✘ Doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity.


What to Consider Before Buying the Best portable electric toothbrush for travel?

When it’s time to invest in your electric toothbrush, then you must be careful and aware of some mandatory features. Here are some features that you need to consider before shopping-

  1. Cleaning Modes

The electric toothbrush you are going to buy must have some basic cleaning methods like- Gum care, Whitening, Deep Clean, or Sensitive. For specific people or patients, these methods work in different frequencies or vibrations. So, 3-5 cleaning modes are a must.

  1. Timer

The two-minute timer is another must-check. The best quality toothbrush will alert you after 30 seconds by vibrating that you need to change the brush position to explore the whole mouth. So, look for one which has quad pacers that buzz after 30 seconds to warn the user.

  1. Bristle

The bristle is the main part of a brush. On the brush, it is labeled as a soft, extra soft, hard, and medium. Dentists advise that you should use soft-bristled brushes because harder bristles can make your teeth weak by damaging the enamel.

  1. Pressure Sensor

Check for a pressure sensor in the brush you are choosing. Make sure that it lights up when you are pushing too hard on the teeth. If you push the brush too hard on your teeth, it will hamper your oral health.

  1. Oscillating Motion

You should avoid that electric toothbrush that doesn’t have sonic or oscillating motion. Oscillating motion means the bristles rotate around the curves of teeth and remove plaque and debris. So, make sure to have an exact angled motion.

  1. Travel-Friendly

For traveling purposes, you should choose a brush that has a traveling case. You also should make sure that you can charge the brush properly. If you have a storage case, then you have the plus point.


Are electric toothbrushes better than manual brushes?

Yes, electric toothbrushes are way better than manual toothbrushes. The vibration an electric toothbrush produces helps to remove tartar and plaque more than a normal manual toothbrush. Scientists have found that those who use electric toothbrushes have healthier oral health than manual toothbrush users.

Will portable electric toothbrushes whiten my teeth?

No, it won’t. An electric toothbrush helps to remove the stains from teeth gradually, so maybe after regular usage of electric toothbrushes, your teeth will whiten as you want. But to whiten your teeth, you should seek professional help.

Can electric toothbrushes damage my teeth?

If you use your electric toothbrush properly, then it shouldn’t damage your teeth or gums. But if you push extreme pressure with the electric toothbrush, then it will bleed and damage your gums and harm the enamels.

How often do you need to charge a portable electric toothbrush?

It varies on brand actually how much time you should charge your electric toothbrush. According to the manual, take notes on how much you have to charge. Maximum time, all-electric toothbrushes need to charge for 16-22 hours for a full charge. Then, it lasts for 5-10 days with a 2-minute brushing session.

Are Portable Electric Toothbrushes Worth It? A Comprehensive Guide!

Portable electric toothbrushes have become a popular alternative to traditional toothbrushes in recent years. But are they really worth the hype? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about electric toothbrushes, including their benefits and drawbacks. We’ll also help you decide if an electric toothbrush is a right choice for you. Read on to learn more!

There are many benefits to using an electric toothbrush. For example, it’s a quick and easy way of keeping your teeth clean that can be done in just 20 seconds versus the traditional 45-minute brushing session with a regular Plaque Control Toothpaste smeared on their brush!

But there are also some cons: The first is its higher cost compared to other types but replacement heads may run you about $20 per year which isn’t bad considering how much time they’ll save from not having gritty bristles dragging across our gums anymore.”

The Verdict

Time to wrap up today’s article. We hope you all have clear and detailed information about the best portable electric toothbrush, how it works, and also how you can choose your electric toothbrush. Take care of your oral health regularly to avoid any disturbing diseases. Thank you for reading the whole article. But before saying bye-bye one individual suggestion for you – ROMENIC T10X Electric Toothbrush

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