The Best Waterproof Beach Bags To Keep You Safe And Dry During Your Next Beach Vacation!


Everyone loves to spend their vacation at the beach. But beach means there is always a risk of a mix-up between your bag and water. So, how many times are you going to purchase a new one? No worries, there is a simple solution to your problem – the best waterproof beach bag.

Just like normal bags, they are stylish in design. But the fact is all the waterproof beach bags are made of some water-resistant material outside to protect the whole bag from the water.

If you’ve been searching for such types of bags you are going to get the best recommendation from us. Today we’re going to break down the best waterproof bags for the beach.

Best Waterproof Bag For Your Trip To The Beach in 2023

  1. Beach bag with zipper waterproof

Beach bag with zipper waterproof
Image Credit: Emily Gaskins

We are starting the review segment with an outstanding beach bag with zipper waterproof manufactured by Dapper&Doll. Whether it’s a day at the beach, camping, pool, or errands the bag will hold everything you need.

You must love the extra two zipper pockets of the bag (one at the back and another inside). Another great thing is there are 2 water bottle holders. The overall size of the bag seems slightly bigger but the weight is light. Besides, having an extra-wide shoulder strap is easy to carry as well as comfortable.

Did you know, this bag is a festival gift for your best friend or other relatives? It comes with classy yet attractive paint which will work year-long.

You’ll face no hassle while cleaning the bag. Fortunately, they are machine washable and compatible with the air-drying method.

We found a little negativity, that is they are not foldable. However, maybe it wouldn’t create any big issues. So, considering every other feature undoubtedly, it is one of the best beach bags with a zipper.


  • ✔ Classy cute design.
  • ✔ Extremely easy cleaning system.
  • ✔ Waterproof feature.
  • ✔ Included water bottle holders and pockets.
  • ✔ Zipper top design.


  • ✘Not foldable.

  1. Extra Large Waterproof Tote Bag

On the second spot, is another fantastic extra-large waterproof tote bag crafted by Genovega. If you’ve been searching for a beach bag with a big room, then this one is an ideal choice for you.

The bag comes in different colors and designs but there is only one size, XL. The dimension of the bag is 22W x 17H x 7D. You can easily accommodate all the essentials you need inside this bag.

You will love the overall look and style of the bag. Moreover, they are crafted using supreme-quality canvas outside and cotton lining inside. Fortunately, the canvas is rip-resistant and waterproof. So, Undoubtedly the bag will provide you with a long-lasting service.

Something interesting we found is the foldable design. You can fold it to a compact size for ease of transportation. So you’ll face no problems while putting them into a suitcase.

Transporting this bag is also easy as it is equipped with sturdy straps. Plus, the top zipper style will make you use it to open and close it up.

We were expecting one little thing, a detachable shoulder pad. Unfortunately, this feature is missing. Other than that, this extra-large waterproof tote bag is just a perfect choice.


  • ✔ Big-size bags can hold a good number of supplies.
  • ✔ Foldable features.
  • ✔ Zipping design for ease of use.
  • ✔ The overall stylish design.


  • ✘Missing shoulder pad.

  1. Bogg Bag XL Waterproof Beach Tote


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 19 x 9.5 x 15 inches; 3 Pounds
Item model number ‏ : ‎ Bogg Bag Original
Department ‏ : ‎ Unisex-adult
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Bogg Bag
Size: X-Large

Having family gatherings on the beach? Then you just need a larger-sized bag for holding all beach necessary items. Bogg Bag XL Waterproof Beach Tote offers you the perfect size and type of bag here.

This extra-large tote bag has enough space to hold all of your family’s necessities in it. Smaller belongings like sunblock, phone, flip flops, and water pot can be easily stored in the bag.

The size of this bag is 19x15x9.5 inches. You will have enough space to keep 3-4 larger-sized towels and snacks. The bag has holes at the side, so you can hang any smaller item in the holes.

The tote bag is made of EVA material which is super sturdy and durable. It has a sturdy side and bottom, so it won’t bend down. Though the body is hard, the shoulder strap is soft straps, so it’s comfortable.

For camping, picnic, pool party, or sports, you can use this large bag anywhere. Don’t worry about the sand getting on the bag. Just wash it off. It’s completely washable and waterproof. I highly recommended this xl waterproof beach tote bag for your family!


  • ✔For the larger size, you can use the bag for multi-purpose.
  • ✔This bag is a celebrity bag, so rely on the quality.
  • ✔Stands firmly on the floor, and doesn’t fall.
  • ✔Washable and waterproof, so no maintenance hassle.


  • ✘Doesn’t have a zipper or closure.

  1. YETI Camino Carryall 35

To make your relaxing beach time more joyful, here is another incredible beach tote bag from the YETI. This bag is durable and sturdy like a Bogg Bag Waterproof Bag. Plus, this one is waterproof too.

This bag has a very big mouth, so when you open it, it opens so wide that you can find anything easily. We would love to mention, that this bag is also made of EVA molded base for a sturdy base and waterproof bottom.

The thick shell of this bag is abrasion and puncture-resistant, so no worry about going wild on the beach. It has enough space to hold all of your items.

The high-quality molded base keeps the bag stand still and upright. Moreover, it protects your belongings from getting in touch with water. The soft shoulder strap is quite comfortable to carry on and won’t make a nasty mark on your shoulder.

You will get the versatile color of this bag and that’s a feature we love most in this bag. The bag is 18x14x9 inches in size and without anything 3.3lbs weight.


  • ✔Comes in versatile colors, so feel free to choose.
  • ✔Super waterproof, so no water inside the bag.
  • ✔Completely puncture resistance, so protects the inside belongings.
  • ✔Very easy to clean and dry out.


  • ✘A bit expensive.

  1. Beach and Pool Bag XL – Waterproof (IP64)

Out of all beach bags, we would love to claim this one as the best waterproof bag. SHYLERO made this bag an ideal option for beach and boat lovers.

The bag has waterproof and washable features. You can wash the bag in the machine too at 30°C. The fabric of this bag is canvas type, so you can understand it won’t let a single droplet of water in the bag.

What is fascinating about this bag is the larger pockets of the bag. It has 3 big inner pockets and one pocket has a zipper to keep your phone, jewelers, or other belongings safe.

Unlike the previous two bags, it has a zipper closure as well as a magnet closure. Use whatever you want. The zipper is a Japanese YKK Zipper, so it works in two ways smoothly.

The bag is 22x15x6 inches in size. You can understand how big the bag is. The sturdy and soft rope handles feel comfortable to carry. Other outstanding features are, that the bag is a built-in bottle opener and key holder.


  • ✔Side pockets on both sides to carry water pot or magazines.
  • ✔Keeps the belongings inside waterproof and safe.
  • ✔Huge inner zipper pocket secures stuff.
  • ✔Contains no odor.


  • ✘Doesn’t have a firm bottom.

  1. Swig Life Cooli Family Cooler Bag

Having a beach party or picnic? Then you must carry your favorite drinks and wine in a bag where they can be cool for some hours. Swig Life is here with the solution.

This bag looks super adorable and very comfortable to use. It can hold 30 liters of liquid(8 gallons). More specifically it can hold 24-32 bottles or cans. Plus, 7-8 wine bottles with ice.

In this bag, your beverages will be cool until 48 hours. Don’t worry about the fitting of a wine bottle. The wine bottle can be fitted in the 14″ height bag. The whole size of this bag is 14″In height x 18.5″In width x 6.5″In depth.

The bag has a zip line and flip option for easy access to the drinks. Enjoy your time without worrying about leaking the drink. The bag is 100% leakproof. It has two straps and they are padded.

What keeps the drinks cool, may knock your mind. It has Tri-Cool technology that gives triple-layer construction. The PVC-coated and polyester exterior prevents warm air enter into the bag.


  • ✔Waterproof & Wipeable, so don’t worry if it feels wet.
  • ✔Front & Back pocket has easy access to keep smaller items.
  • ✔Condensation-free and very lightweight to carry.
  • ✔Has removable and adjustable straps.


  • ✘Not for keeping towels or other belongings.

  1. Bodysurf Extra Large Lightweight Beach Bag

One of the stunning-looking lightweight waterproof tote bags on our list and has the most outstanding features. Unlike the Swig Life Cooler Bag, this one is used for keeping towels, phones, snacks, sunblock, flip-flops, and magazines.

What makes this bag irresistible is, that this lightweight waterproof tote bag is suitable for both men and women. The bag feels soft but waterproof as well as sand proof. So, at the end of the day, you don’t have to take tons of sand in your bag.

This navy blue colored tote bag is foldable and has inside pockets for easy organization. The lightweight bag is made of nylon canvas, that’s what makes it water and sand-proof.

For the plain blue color with white soft straps, this bag is suitable for any gender. Another incredible feature is, that this bag includes a pouch where you can store your valuable items.

Two inner pockets of this bag are huge and hold plenty of items. The external zipper pocket has easy access, but the internal zipper is for phones, keys, and jewelry items.


  • ✔Anyone can use the bag for its design.
  • ✔Sand proof, so no dirty sands in the bag.
  • ✔Comes in four different colors, so choose freely.
  • ✔Enough space to hold family belongings.


  • ✘Doesn’t standstill.

  1. SHYLERO Beach & Pool Bag

Another outstanding pool bag from the SHYLERO. This bag is almost similar to the previous Bogg Bag X Large Waterproof Tote Bag.

This bag is waterproof and washable in the machine. The sturdy canvas-like fabric is the main material of the bag and with RIOSTONE construction.

It can hold 10kg and doesn’t do any damage at this weight. The whole dimension of this bag is 22 x15 x 6 inches. The size is enough for a whole family package.

This beautiful bag is made with a key holder and bottle opener which makes it super convenient to use. It has 4 outside pockets, front, back, and two sides.

It has a Japanese zipper for easy two-sided zips. The inside pockets are huge and have plenty of space to hold your items.

An exquisite feature of this bag is the thermal pocket. This pocket keeps your drinks, lotion, or food cold for a certain period.


  • ✔Can be used in multi-purposes.
  • ✔Has soft straps to carry it around.
  • ✔The side and front pockets are easily accessible, so keep handy items there.
  • ✔Keeps your food cold and hot, so enjoy your beach time.


  • ✘Not sand proof.

  1. MORHUA Large Waterproof Beach Tote Bag

This adorable and useful bag is not only for beach usage but also for the gym, picnic, traveling, or anything else. This pretty bag has all the high-quality necessary features like SHYLERO Beach & Pool Bag.

It has a beautiful print on the bag and sturdy construction. It’s made of durable high quality and soft polyester that is waterproof. It prevents crease and can hold enough load.

The bag has one main zipper closure and inside it has 2 inner pockets with a zipper. In those pockets, you can keep your mobile or other valuable stuff.

The bag’s handle is 11 inches long, making it suitable to cross over your shoulder. It has enough room to store a blanket, towels, swimsuit, and flip-flops.

The fashionable bag looks stunning anywhere. It’s super lightweight to carry and rainproof. On the side mesh pockets, you can store water pots or magazines.


  • ✔Affordable price, so anyone can get it.
  • ✔The fabric is super sturdy, so it’ll be durable.
  • ✔Rainproof, so no worry of being wet.
  • ✔The bigger pockets hold many items.


  • ✘Not washable in the machine.

  1. SHYLERO Beach & Pool Bag

Last but not least item on our list. We will wrap up our review list with an incredible SHYLERO bag. This beach bag is also quite similar to the other two on our list.

This one can be also considered the best waterproof beach bag on the market. It’s made of durable and tear-resistance fabric with RIPSTONE construction.

The waterproof interior lining prevents water from peeking into the bag. What makes this bag outstanding is the PVC case which is water, dust, and sand proof. It keeps your valuable items clean.

The bag comes in two different sizes. Length (22/17″) x Width(6/6″) x Height (15/15″). So, you can choose according to the length what size you want.

Two rope handles are soft and comfortable to carry on a hand or shoulder. The two outside pockets keep bottles and magazines.


  • ✔Beautiful design and versatile colors to choose from freely.
  • ✔The rope straps are comfortable & sturdy to hold.
  • ✔The magnetic closure keeps all stuff in place.
  • ✔Can be used for multi-purpose.


  • ✘Doesn’t have a zipper.

What to Consider Before Choosing the Best Waterproof Bag?

best waterproof beach bag
Credit: Tierney McAfee

In this part, you are going to learn something important about a beach bag. Everyone should learn these facts before purchasing a waterproof beach bag. Keep reading to learn them in detail.

  • The Overall Storage

Is your bag roomy enough to hold all the belongings? As a beach bag, everyone should get an extra-large size bag. Make sure the bag can hold your towel, sunglass, waterpot, sunscreen, smartphone, and other necessary tools. Most of the bags I described are of XL size.

  • Waterproof & Sand proof

For extra safety, a waterproof bag is highly recommended for everyone who is going to enjoy the day at the beach. For a quality waterproof bag look at the outside material. Make sure they are waterproof and better if they are sand-proof. Probably, you won’t love to bring a bunch of sand to your home after passing a joyful day at the beach.

  • Detachable Shoulder Pad

You may not find this feature in every bag and it’s not mandatory but would be better if the bag includes this feature. It’s a comfortable feature that keeps your shoulder comfortable while carrying the bag.

  • Washing System

Another thing you might want is an easy washing system. It’s obvious to clean a beach bag more than usual. So, you should get a bag that is machine washable. A little extra you may get by getting the air-drying method.

  • Stylish

Go to the beach and show off a little bit. But it won’t be possible unless you get a stylish bag. I suggest getting one that contains a classic or tropical print. Also, the overall design of the back will be modern.

And when you are purchasing one as a gift item then getting a stylish one is mandatory.

  • Overall Price

You know a bag beach can be used for generally 1-2 years. So, we don’t suggest getting a bag of $300-400. The ideal price of the bag should be between $50-200. You can get one at a lesser price. However, if you’re getting a cheap one you must look for the brand and ratings.


What is the best one of your research?

The best water-resistant beach bag is durable and stylish, yet easy to carry & wash. It contains some outstanding features such as a folding system, paddings, soft straps, sand-proof, rip-resistant, and waterproof.

Again it will be roomy enough to hold all the tools you will carry. But make sure it’s not too heavy

I have already talked top 10 products and among them, we would suggest specifically the YETI Camino Carryall 35.

Is neoprene good for the beach?

Neoprene is the best material to use on the beach. Neoprene bags are waterproof and washable in an easy way. So, neoprene bags are the best choice for the beach.

Are neoprene bags waterproof?

Neoprene is a 100% waterproof material. So, no worry if your drink spills in the bag or your bag gets drenched. Just have fun with neoprene bags!

What are fun things to take to the beach?

The beach is fun and relaxing. To make it more fun, you can arrange some items to take on the beach. Here is the list-

  1. Sand Toys
  2. Windproof Umbrella
  3. Swimsuit
  4. Selfie stick
  5. Volleyball
  6. Snacks & Drinks
  7. Binocular
  8. Hand Sanitizer
  9. Kites
  10. Big Spray.

Where can I buy bogg bags?

There are several options for you.
First of all, you can visit any super shop or shopping complex to find one.
If you are a busy man or don’t want to get that you can simply visit Amazon and order one finding some of the best Bogg bags.
If you want to collect from Amazon, carefully, you should read this article.

Do Crocs make Bogg Beach Bags?

The Crocs Bogg Bag is very similar beach bag to the best waterproof beach bag. It is a great option for summertime when you want to go seabeach. I highly recommend you for using this best Crocs beach bag if you are looking for a great summer accessory!

How Much Weight Can a Bogg Bag Hold?

There is no doubt that bags are extremely useful for carrying a variety of items. So, it’s are becoming more and more popular every day. But what can they actually do? How much weight can a Bogg bag hold? Today, we’re going to find out!

  • ✔ Bogg bags can hold 10kg+.
  • ✔ It is big enough to hold everything.
  • ✔ Easy to carry.

The Verdict

In your journey to the best waterproof beach bags, you have learned so many things along with the 10 best products. We have added 2 additional segments, FAQ and Guide.

Well, every bag we recommend is slightly different in some features from others. So, you need to figure out which one meets your needs the most.

However, before ending we would love to reconnect the best one – YETI Camino Carryall 35

Before finishing I am leaving a suggestion, read our “Best Packable Duffel BagElectric Toothbrush for Travel″ article!