A Useful Map of Kefalonia Greece: Most Brutally Review


Kefalonia is the largest one of the Ionian islands, which attracts thousands of visitors throughout the summer. Because it is very famous for its natural characteristics. And it is popular for tourists on a map of Kefalonia Greece.

The islet is located between Lefkada, in the north, and Zakynthos, in the south and has a population of nearly45.000 occupants who are substantially gathered in the islet’s capital and main harborage, Argostoli. Their main occupations and source of income are fishing, husbandry, and tourism.

It is offered varied scenery that consists of impressive mountain landscapes,  picturesque coves, caves, exotic beaches, and verdant forests. In other words, Kefalonia combines many aspects of the natural attractive beauty that is featured around the Greek land. 


Description of map of Kefalonia Greece

 The capital of Kefalonia is so much the charming Argostoli and the surrounding settlements of Kefalonia have kept their genuine character despite the tourism development. 

The island is adorned by Mount Ainos, Although The island of Kefalonia is very mountainous: Mount Ainos is the highest mountain there, It rises at an altitude of 1520 meters and is the only mountain in the whole Mediterranean to possess a unique fir forest species called Abies Kefallinia. which is a National park for the preservation of fauna and flora.

 Venetian castles from the glorious past, picturesque paths, and neoclassical mansions complete the traditional aspect of Kefalonia. The island offers everything that a visitor might need, like Hottel, accommodation, Food, Tour guide, etc.

numerous fruitful plains, gutters, grottoes, amazing lakes, thick and green timbers, and awful strands with a golden beach and crystalline waters adorn the islet. Because of its huge natural wealth, Kefalonia was, like all the other Ionian islets, dominated by colorful societies similar to the intricate, Ottoman, the Frankish, the Venetian, but also the Napoleonic and the British Conglomerates.

Because of its numerous knockouts and charms and for having everything to offer indeed to the most demanding caller, Kefalonia is one of the most popular of the Ionian islets

This section introduces a map of Kefalonia Greece with all the major locations of the island even you can visit everywhere in Kefalonia easily.

tourist map of kefalonia
Image Source: ontheworldmap

The 5 Best Beaches in Kefalonia

Now we are going to explain about the best beaches in Kefalonia and Kefalonia tourist information. are you ready? yeah, let’s start.

01: Myrtos Beach Kefalonia

Myrtos is without mistrustfulness one of the most important poles of attraction in Kefalonia. It’s located 29 km north of Argostoli, in a beautiful area around huge green hills. Myrtos sand has gained a worldwide reputation and has been constantly included in trip magazines among the stylish strands in Greece and in the world. It has been awarded numerous times for its scrap and natural beauty.

Beautiful beaches in Kefalonia

Information about Myrtos Beach

The sand has a semi-circular shape girdled by emotional white rocky escarpments with lush foliage on top of them creating a spectacular setting. The lush green area, the abrupt terrain, the white pebbles, and the demitasse waters compose a stunning decor. 

The sand is well-organized at the utmost part with screens and sundecks while a small part remains fully unspoiled, ideal for total insulation.

The natural beauty of Myrtos is the trademark of Kefalonia and one of the most mugged places in Greece. It’s affected by the strong winds. The western seacoast of Myrtos offers spectacular evening views. 

callers have direct access to a wide range of installations and a nice sack bar offering cold drinks. Myrtos is fluently penetrated by all means of transport. While descending the sand, you’ll enjoy some amazing views from over.

Summary of Myrtos beach in Kefalonia

The beach is all time offered: Partly-Organized, Family Friendly, Pebbled.

at least we can speak that Myrtos is the most famous and beautiful beach in Kefalonia. It is actually a large coast with white sand and turquoise water, surrounded by steep cliffs.

We wish you a comfortable trip. For this, you should bear the necessary things in your duffle bag. please don’t forget anything.

02: Antisamos Beach Kefalonia

Antisamos sand is arguably one of the most favorable destinations for sunbathing and swimming in Kefalonia. It’s located30.6 km east of Argostoli and enough near the harborage of Sami. 

Information about Antisamos Beach Kefalonia

Best map of Kefalonia
Kefalonia map google

Antisamos distinguishes for the natural beauty that consists of turquoise waters and a marvelous girding of green hills and lush foliage on top it. Behind the hill, there’s a great spot for sunbathers and nature suckers. piecemeal from the sand that’s considered beautiful sightseeing itself, the friary of Agrillion stands on top of the hill and is worth visiting.

Sand like this could be nothing but well-organized with screens and sundecks. It’s this stunning decor that characterizes this area and captivates all callers. I think it is one of the best beaches on the map of Kefalonia Greece.

Summary of Antisamos Beach Kefalonia

Antisamos has gained worldwide character from the Hollywood movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” where some of the scenes were gathered there. It’s fluently penetrated from a littoral road in Sami.

there have no problems with accommodation, food, and hotel for tourists. So undoubtedly you can visit here and enjoy nature. So really it is a beautiful place.

03: Makris Gialos Kefaloniaf

Makris Gialos is a nice sightseeing resort that lies around a beautiful and liquid bay. It is very near to the capital of Kefalonia compared to other beaches. Even It’s located 3 km south of Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia. 

It’s one of the most visited strands of Kefalonia, popular for its candescent golden beach, azure, and clean waters. analogous to the utmost of the islet’s strands, Makris Gialos boasts stunning geography with thick foliage and altitudinous pine trees. Some gemstone conformations are scattered creating a fantastic atmosphere.

Due to its close propinquity to the main city, Makris Gialos has come an important pole of attraction for excursionists and Greek trippers. 

Summary of Makris Gialos beach

During the summer, the well-organized sand is a notorious meeting point. It’s fluently penetrated by all means of transport. There’s a sand bar and a water sports center available.

It already offers Diving Club, Sandy, Family Friendly, and Well-Organized. after all Makris Gialos is a very beautiful and famous beach in close distance to Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia, an

04: Skala Kefalonia

Do you love fishing? then this beach for you. The small fishing vill of Skala sits on the southern tip of Kefalonia near Mound bay. It’s known for its beautiful layout and long flaxen sand. has a beautiful long flaxen sand framed by thick backcountry hills and rocky outcrops. Some people go here for fishing. and they enjoy it.

The beautiful sand is framed by thick lush hills and rocky outcrops, a unique combination that captivates numerous callers. The sand has been awarded the Blue Flag for its scrap and association, a commodity that’s still famous. Skala gets relatively crowded during the summer season but you can still find an isolated spot for some quiet moments. 

The beach offers Partly-Organized, Sandy, Family Friendly, and Watersports. In the summer season, all hotel and accommodation prices are more than in another season. If you go low season you can enjoy all features at a lower price.

The sand is ideal for snorkeling while excursion boats depart to the near islands and insulated bays. On the main road of the agreement, right above the sand are plenitude of caffs and cafes, mini requests, and other ultramodern amenities.

Advice about Skala Kefalonia

So we suggest you for going here because The fishing village of Skala hosts a large, sandy beach within a walking distance of its seaport. Organized and attractive, this is a lovely spot for family vacations and couples.

If you travel in the rainy season we will suggest a waterproof beach bag because it will save your accessories from rain.

05: Lourdas Kefalonia

Lourdas is a fantastic littoral agreement located16.7 km southeast of Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia. The Island stands on the hillside overlooking the blue ocean. al most its attractive to the tourist of world.  because It’s relatively popular for its well-organized sand where numerous callers enjoy a stimulating syncope, right after their appearance at the vill. 

If you go with your life partner, I assume you will enjoy it so much. The sand is girdled by green geography with thick foliage and beautiful falls running through the mountains.

The combination of the crystalline waters and stunning mountain background of Mount Aenos provides a dream decor that fascinates all callers. The sand is covered with a white beach and various screens and two rows of sunbeds. 

Lourdas, Kefalonia
Best place in Lourdas, Kefalonia

Advice about Lourdas Kefalonia

Right over is the main road of Skala filled with the plenitude of hotels, local old shops, cafes, and other ultramodern amenities. 

without this, this beach is perfect for Sandy, Family Friendly, and Well-Organized. It’s freely penetrated with public motorcars from Argostoli and other townlets. It’s Not far from the seacoast lies the Monastery of Sissi.

after all The area of Lourdata is a peaceful beach resort on the southern side of Kefalonia. The beach has white sand Which glistens in the sun, and it is organized with umbrellas and sun beds for tourists.

When you will go here You should take some pictures. Now, without a camera, you can take a beautiful picture by your mobile if you use a “monocular telescope for mobile”. 


  • where is Myrtos beach in Kefalonia?

Myrtos is a coastal village. It is located 15 km (9.3 mi) in the west of the municipality of Ierapetra, and 50 km (31 mi) from Agios Nikolaos.

That is in the Regional Unit of Lasithi on the Greek island of Crete. It’s called the previous prefecture.

  • does Kefalonia have sandy beaches?

Myrtos and Xi are one of the sandiest beaches in Kefalonia. It is very large, sandy and beautiful with umbrellas and sun beds.

  • What is Kefalonia known for?

Kefalonia or Cephalonia (Called in the Greek language: Κεφαλονιά), formerly also known as Kephallenia or Kefallinia. It is the largest of the Ionian Islands in western Greece and the 6th largest islet in Greece after Crete, Rhodes, Euboea, Chios,  and Lesbos.

Without tourist places, Kefalonia is famous for its local wine varieties “Mavrodafni”, “Robola”, and Kefalonian Moschato. “Robola” wine, particularly, is one of the three best wine varieties in Greece! 

  • Is Kefalonia a nice island?

Kefalonia is not only the biggest Greek Islet on the Ionian beaches but also one of the most attractive ones! Boasting a breathtaking natural landscape with picturesque fishing villages, 36 beautiful Kefalonia beaches, exotic beaches, and magical underground caves, Kefalonia is one of the best destinations in Greece for travel lovers!

  • How can you get a tourist map of Kefalonia?

you can buy a map of Greece or a tour guide book. there has all information about Greece. It very helps full for travelers. Secondly, you should search on google for a Greece map, you will get huge information about the Kefalonia map on google. Without this, you can search for the lassi Kefalonia map!

The 10 Best Hottel in Kafalinia

Best Hottel in Kafalinia
Picture of Hottel in Kafalinia
  • Stella Vineyard

Type: Studios and 3 keys

Recommended for: Budget, Near the beach

  • Agnanti Suites

Type: Apartments, Studios, Maisonettes, and 2 keys

Recommended for: Family

Agnati Suites in Minies offer magnificent views for travelers. And it is near the beach of Kefalonia.

  • Anassa Hotel

Type: Hotel, Studios, and 2 keys

Recommended for: Family, Near the beach

Anassa Hotel is located  in Skala, 

  • Baha Ammes

Type: Apartments, Studios, Maisonettes, and 3 keys

Recommended for: Family

Baha Ammes is situated in Sovoranata

  • Bella Vista

Type: Apartments, Studios, and 3 keys

Recommended for: Family

Bella Vista Apartments are located in Lixouri. 

  • Avithos Resort Hotel

Type: Hotel, Apartments, Studios, Maisonettes, Suites, and 4 keys

Recommended for: Family, Luxury stay

Avithos Resort is a welcoming hotel with cozy rooms and charming suites in Svoronata village. 

  • Electra Kefalonia Hotel and Spa

Type: Hotel and Luxury

Recommended for: Family, Luxury stay, Near the beach

It is located in Sovoranata. Offering a big swimming pool and a fully equipped gym, Electra Hotel & Spa offers a stunning sea view. It is very close to the airport. The hotel offers different types of ultramodern rooms and suites.

  • F Zeen Boutique Hotel

Type: Hotel, Luxury

Recommended for: Luxury stay, Near the beach

F Zeen Boutique Hotel situated in Lourdata

  • Meliti Waterfront Suites

Type: Suites and 4 keys

Recommended for: Family, Near the beach

Only a few steps away from Karavomilos beach and surrounded by a natural environment. I think it is one of the best hotels on the map of Kefalonia Greece.

  • Museum Hotel George Molfetas

Type: Hotel

Recommended for: Luxury stay

This hotel is Housed in a historic building built before 1895, with 60cm walls. Choose this hotel if you want to stay in a historical place.