5 Most Beautiful Countries In Asia That Will Make You Fall In Love With Asia!


Hey, are you finding the most beautiful countries in Asia? Yeah, we are going to explain Nepal the Land of Everest.

Nepal is one of the most fascinating countries in Asia, it’s known as the Land of Everest. The area of Nepal is a small land of sublime beauty. It has some of the world’s stylish and veritably important tabernacles. It’s a country that’s rich in scenic beauty and artistic heritage that’s haven’t in another country.

The Rundown

top 5 most beautiful country in Asia 2022

  1. Nepal
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. Maldive
  4. India
  5. Bhutan

without these countries, you can visit Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Iran. because these countries are also so beautiful in Asia.


Nepal travel advisory

Description of the area of Nepal 

Nepal lies between India and the Tibetan part of the demitasse. This small country has an area of square kilometers. The central hill- lands including the Kathmandu and Pokhara denes have a temperate climate and are also told by the thunderstorm. North of that’s the pitch of the main section of the Himalayan range. This part of Nepal has some of the loftiest peaks in the world including Everest. 

Best place in Nepal

Weather of Nepal

If you want to know What is the best weather in Nepal for visit? We suggest, that Southern Nepal is tropical low land known as the Terai Plains. This part of Nepal has hot summers and warm layoffs. Then the temperatures reach up to 40 c in April and May and thunderstorm rain’s drenched this region from June to September. Nepal is home to near people. The population is primarily priestly.

Ethnic groups Nepal

Kathmandu, The capital megacity, has lower than one million occupants. In total, there are 103 gentries and ethnical groups living in this small country. So Nepal’s demographic features are complicated not only by dozens of ethnical groups but by different gentries.

as per the 2011 Nepal census, there have 125 Nepalese castes groups Who live there. We are mentioning here the names of some groups and their statistics.

The two largest groups are: Chhetri (16.59%), Brahman-Hill (12.17%), then sequentially: Magar (7.12%), Tharu (6.56%), Tamang (5.81%), Newar (4.99%), Kami (4.75%), Nepalese Muslims (4.39%), yadav (3.98%), Rai (2.34%), Gurung (1.97%), Damai (1.78%), Thakuri (1.61%), Limbu (1.46%), Sarki (1.41%), Sharma (1.40%), Chamar (1.27%), Thakur (1.16%), Madheshi (12.07%), other (4.67%), Other Khas (1.08%), Others (1.42%)

Major religions of Nepal

Nepal is the holy land of Lord Pashupatinath (god of Hindus) and Gautam Baddha (god of Baddha people) where the Hindus and Buddhists have lived together in harmony for centuries. The Temple of Pashupathinath is the most sacred Hindu sanctum and one of the four most important spots in the world for Shiva worshippers.

 Lord Buddha, the light of Asia, was born in Lumbini in Nepal’s southern plains, which makes this a sacred pilgrimage destination for the Buddhists as well. In fact, numerous participate between the two faiths, and some divinities are worshipped by both Hindus and Buddhists.

The religious and cultural heritage of Nepal

The cultural heritage of Nepal

In Nepal, the seven monument zones positioned within the vale have been named World Heritage spots by UNESCO. The Kathmandu Valley is the richest artistic heritage center in Nepal. This city is a symbol of harmony because the three ancient metropolises of the vale-Patan, Kathmandu and Bhaktapur- represent an epitome of harmony in civic design, elegant armature, and refined culture. 

The religious heritage of Nepal

These metropolises are famous for religious monuments unrivaled in the world. Many carnivals add glowing color to Nepal’s vibrant culture, which is celebrated throughout time. Dasain or Dusherra is famed civil in October. 

This is the most important of all Nepalese fests and includes the biggest beast immolation of the time. Tihar is celebrated in November. Other carnivals include the holy and Chaitra Daisa. Some Hindu carnivals in Nepal are the Ekadashi, Haribodhini, Krishna Jayanti, and Maha Shivaratri. There are Buddhist fests too and those include Losar and Mani Rimd Buddha Jayanti, Which marks the Tibetan New time.

F & Q

  • How many ethnic groups are there in Nepal?

The two largest similar groups are known as Chhetri and Bahun. Others include Magar, Newar, Muslim, tharu and Tamang, Gurang and damai. About 48 percent of the people speak Nepal. Among other languages spoken are Bhojpuri, Mathai, Tharu, and Tamang. 

  • What is the best weather in Nepal for visit?

Generally speaking, September to November is the best time to visit the country, especially, Kathmandu city. At this time of the year, you’ll find clear skies, dry weather, and large cultural events.

  • What are the most popular festivals that are celebrated in Nepal?

The most popular festivals that are celebrated in Nepal are the Nepali New Year, Buddha Purnima, and Vijayadashami.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka travel advisory

Sri Lanka is located just off the southeastern seacoast of India in the Indian ocean. Sri Lanka is similarly Known as Serendip, of India, Ceylon, teardrop, plum of the Indian ocean, etc. These names express the uproariousness and beauty of this islet nation. 

Sri Lanka travel advisory

 Sri Lanka may frequently hear the word Ayubowan. This word means may you have the gift of lengthy life. By this traditional greeting that everyone is welcomed to Sri Lanka. Numerous tourists, from ancient hearties and traffickers to present-day excursionists, have been attracted by the beauty of this islet. 

It’s shaped like a teardrop, the islet of Sri Lanka measures about 220 kilometers from east to west and 415 kilometers from north to south. With a total land area of about square kilometers. It has further than 1340 kilometers of a bank. Despite its small size country, Sri Lanka has a population of about 20 million.

Ethnical groups of Sri Lanka

 Sri Lanka is a multi-religious,multi-racial and multi-lingual country. The four major ethnical groups are the Sri Lankan Moors Muslims(9.7%), Sinhalese, Sri Lanka Tamils, and Indian Tamils. The fifth group of this island, the buddhas are the original occupants of the islet.

there have four religions. Of these, Buddhists make up 70.2% of the population, Muslims 9.7%, Hindus 12.6%,  and Christians 7.6%. 

The economy of Sri Lanka

In the meantime, The emphasis is on exporting crops similar to tea, rubber, and coconuts. Sri Lanka’s frugality has traditionally been grounded on husbandry.  

The country is a major patron and supplier of a variety of spices similar as pepper, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg, cinnamon first began in Sri Lanka and was introduced latterly to the world by Arab merchandisers. In fact, Sri Lanka is one of the guiding exporters of tea.

Surprisingly, Sri Lanka’s archaeological treasures may be compared to other civilizations of history like the Golden Age of the Roman Empire, Greece, and Mayan fortresses. The culture has been told by the western colonizers and eastern dealers. 

Culture of Sri Lanka

That redounded in developing a unique blend of races and persuasions, trades and crafts, carnivals, and costumes in this small country. Either, the man-made riches, one may find the God-given blessings of nature in Sri Lanka.

 The islet is circled by azure swell and is blessed with green hills, slinging falls, flaxen strands, abundant wildlife, and a variety of flowers and fruits. The ancient history of Sri Lanka is depicted in the Hindu epic the Ramayana and in the Mahavamsa or the great chronicle’.

The country abounds with coconut groves, tea estates, spice gardens, and numerous other auditoriums and forestland. Trippers from all over the world come to Sri Lanka. Then, a sick rubberneck can pass a comforting day by a win-shadowed lagoon looking at the endless ocean. And for the audacious, days can be full of excitement snorkeling, swimming fishing, or sailing. Because there has a sea beach like Coxe’s Bazar.

beautiful places in Sri Lanka


Anuradhapura is one of the old centers of Sri Lanka. It is also considered a religious pilgrimage site. The old megacity is moment girdled by cloisters, covering an area of over sixteen square country miles. After all, that’s not only significant in buddha, The megacity is also significant in Hindu legend the capital of king Ravana.

 Bundala National park

The demesne is home to large populations of mammoths, turtles, crocodiles, elephants, and leopards. Bundala National demesne is a famous place for birdwatchers. As a result, it is one of Sri Lanka’s leading destinations for birdwatchers. 

 Hikkaduwa-corl reef & flaxen strands Hikkaduwa is a little city on the southern seacoast of Sri Lanka. It’s well known for its sand and corals. It’s basically a sightseer destination, and serves us great sand with options to suds, snorkel, and enjoy the sun.


 A major magnet of this megacity includes the biggest and greatest potted delve tabernacle complex of Sri Lanka. It’s also famous for the Rangiri Dambulla Global colosseum, which was erected in just 167 days. The megacity also boasts of the biggest rose quartz mountain range in South Asia and ironwood timber.

so we can tell you that Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful countries among the most beautiful countries in Asia. so, when you will go to Sri Lanka for travel you should buy a duffle bag to bring out your travel necessary things like an electric toothbrush etc.


 Hey, are you searching for one of the most beautiful countries from the top 10 most beautiful country in Asia? No problem, we are going to explain to you a most beautiful country. yeah, that is Maldive. The Maldives is the eighth lowest country in the world with an area of only 300 square kilometers. It’s the lowest Asian country in terms of population and size.

The democracy of Maldives is an islet country in the Indian Ocean. Almost it has 1199 islets that are clustered into 26 major cays. An island is a ring-shaped coral reef or a string of nearly spaced coral islets. The natural coral reef of the Maldives is girdled by the ocean each around and stands out like a plum in the Indian Ocean. 

Maldives travel guidelines

History of Maldive

People have been living here for almost three thousand years. The idea is, The earliest settlers of the Maldives were presumably from southern India and Sri Lanka who came to these islets in the fourth and fifth centuries BC. They set a passage from the different corridors of the world-Asia, Arabia, Europe and America-to come to these islets. 

Maldives travel guidelines

 In the 12th century AD, mariners from East Africa and Arab countries came for 1st time in Maldive. Although governed as an independent Islamic sultanate for the utmost of its history from 1153 to 1968, after that the Maldives was a British colony from 1187 to 1965. Following independence from Britain in 1965, the sultanate continued to operate another 3 times. On Novembar 11, 1968, the sultanate was abolished and replaced by a democracy, and the country assumed its present name. 

 The Maldives was ranked as a stylish country for beautiful strands and people. The Maldives is very famous for a sightseer because of its affable rainfall, heavenly strands and lagoons, luxurious vacation resorts, and peace-loving people.  The Maldives was ranked as the stylish country for beautiful strands and installations for recreation in 2008. 

Weather in the Maldives

The Maldives is well known for being the smallest country in the world. Unfortunately, this small country with idyllic natural beauty is in trouble from rising ocean situations due to global warming.  When the power riffle of 2004 hit the islet nation, numerous of the islet’s dry corridors were swamped by the ocean water. 

Utmost of the country is just 105 measures made with respect to the Maldives being swept down by the rising water position in the Indian Ocean. The government of the Maldives has begun to buy land from near countries for resettling its people in case the islets go underwater! 

In order to punctuate the pitfalls of global warming to its low-lying islets, surprisingly the government of Maldives held a press meeting aquatic in 2009. That was the first-ever aquatic press meeting in the world. The meeting took place about 5 measures aquatic, in a blue-green lagoon on a small islet. While aquatic, the press inked a document calling on all nations to cut their carbon emigration. 



India is the closest neighbor of Bangladesh. In fact, India is the seventh-largest country in the world with an area of square kilometers. India is bounded by the Indian Ocean on the South, INDIA the Arabian Sea on the West, and the Bay of Bengal on the East. It’s the largest among South Asian Countries.

Description of India

India’s population and area

India is framed by Pakistan to the West; China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the North; and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the East. India is the world’s second-most vibrant country after China. Its population is around1.5 a billion. New Delhi is the capital of India and about 13 million people live in the megacity. Undoubtedly, India is a country of an ancient civilization. 

India's population and area

History of India

 The social, profitable, and artistic diversity of this vast country is the result of irruptions by different races in the process of history. first, Indian history begins with the birth of the Indus Valley Civilization and the appearance of the Aryans. During this period, Aryan culture flourished in this part of the world. 

The fifth century saw the junction of India under Ashoka, and it was in his time that Buddhism spread in numerous corridors of Asia.

In the eighth century, Islam came to India for the first time and by the eleventh century, it had forcefully established itself. In 1206, Qutbuddin Aybeck innovated the Delhi Sultanate. This was eventually succeeded by the Mughal Empire in 1526, under which India formally again achieved a large measure of political concinnity. 

It was in the 17th century that the Europeans came to India. This coincided with the decomposition of the Mughal Empire, paving the way for supremacy of the English, the French, the Dutch, and the Portuguese who were fighting with each other to gain control of India. after surfaced the English as the’ victors’ In 1774, Warren Hastings was appointed the first Governor-General of India by the East India Company. 

In 1876, Queen Victoria was given the title empress of India by the British Parliament, and India came under British rule. The British ruled India nearly two hundred times. Through a series of heroic and nationalistic movements to restore freedom, India got its independence in 1947. This period was written as India’s struggle for independence.

Indian culture and tradition

The culture of India is one of the oldest and the most unique in the world. There’s amazing artistic diversity throughout the country. The South, North, and Northeast have their own distinct societies and nearly every state has sculpted its own artistic distinction. There’s hardly any culture in the world that’s as varied and unique as India. 

Best travel places in India

There are 17 major languages and 844 cants used by the people of India. India is a excursionists’ delight. Kashmir is more famous to people around the world, so it has been described as a paradise on earth. The Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, the Qutb Minar, and the Red Fort are many of the numerous prodigies which attract people from all over the world. 

The country of mountains, denes, comeuppance, gutters, and lakes offers the uproar of a mini Taj Mahal world within a single country. The tabernacles of South India, Ajanta, and The Nilgiri mountains, hill stations like Ooty and Darjeeling, and  Ellora grottoes are the places one can explore in India. 



The sanctioned name of Bhutan is Drunk-Yul which means land of the thunder dragon. Do you know why called by this name? It earned this name because of the fierce storms that frequently roll in from the Himalayas.

Bhutan The land of happiness 

Culture of Bhutan

Bhutan is called the jewel of the Eastern Himalayan. This small, landlocked country is located along with the southern pitches of the Himalayan range, bounded by Tibet in the North and India from the other side. 

Bhutan The land of happiness 

 The country has an area of sq km and a population of. Since it’s’ cut off from the rest of the world by the Great Himalayas, unique culture and tradition grounded on gentle Buddhist beliefs have evolved there over time. Bhutanese women wear Kira-a distance-suchlike cloth piece, and men wear Gho-a knee-length mask.

 Bhutanese houses are erected from slush and gravestone, with a rustic subsoil roof. The Bhutanese noway use iron nails in their structures. Them has a good habit, Generally, the Bhutanese figure out each other’s houses by swapping labor within the community. Different Carnivals are celebrated all-time round in Bhutan. Various masks are used in carnivals that reflect the rich Bhutanese culture. Balls are performed by the Buddhist monks to cover the denes and shield off evil spirits.

 Religion in Bhutan

The main religious jubilee is called Tshechus. One of these carnivals is: The training of Lord Buddha is legislated through mask balls for three to five days in the yard of the cloisters. People attend these events in their stylish clothes, carrying easy street baskets, etc. 

 Another major jubilee is called Losar. It’s celebrated on Lunar New Year. In this carnival, men play archery or brickbats while women sing and dance. People cook special dishes and wear new clothes. It’s a time for a family get-together.

Bhutan famous for

 Pure mountain air, demitasse blue skies, and pristine foliage cover have made this small country an ideal destination for terrain suckers.

 The ecosystem of this small nation supports the actuality of rich foliage and fauna which are defended by strict laws. Anyone plant shamefaced of killing indeed a black-necked crane could be doomed to live in captivity. The government of Bhutan has taken some ways to cover its bio-diversity. 

FAQ about Asia

What is the most beautiful country in Asia?

The country of Laos is a beautiful country in Asia. The country has a diverse landscape, from mountains to forests to rivers and lakes. Lao people are warm and welcoming, and the culture is rich and varied. Lao culture includes traditional music, dance, and art. There are many places to visit in Laos, including the ancient city of Vientiane and the hill-studded Mekong River Valley.

Which is the No 1 country in Asia?

Nepal is the No 1 country in Asia.

Which country in Asia has the most beautiful woman?

There is no definitive answer to this question as opinions will vary. However, some people might say that Thailand has the most beautiful woman.

Is Bhutan safe to travel to?

Yeah, why not? Bhutan is safe for your travel. Because Bhutan is called the land of Happiness. So undoubtedly Bhutan can be your next destination.